Cost of unnecessarily producing documents on fancy paper / backgrounds?

Rev Adrian Kennard made this Freedom of Information request to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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The request was partially successful.

Rev Adrian Kennard

Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

Rev Adrian Kennard:

A lot of your documents that you issue are produced on somewhat specialised paper, with UV markings, and special backgrounds, and unbleached paper stock.

Once upon a time this made sense as such documents may have been accepted on face value, but as we now live in an age where such documents are (a) easy to forge and (b) easy to check on line, I have to question if there is merit in the cost of such "fancy" documents.

Can you advise the relative cost of producing documents, for example the V750 for number plate entitlement, on such "fancy" paper compared to simply printing on normal paper.

This is a prime example of a document that only the DVLA need to "validate" and as the whole process can be completed on line without the "fancy" document, just the details printed on it, it has no merit being printed in such a way.

So, to be clear...

1. How many documents does DVLA issue per year that are printed on special paper or backgrounds.

2. How much more do these cost than normal printing black on white on plain paper.

3. Which of these documents do DVLA consider to be documents that someone may need to accept on "face value" without checking the underlying details on-line or by other means, and as such the "special printing / paper" may be justified?

Yours faithfully,

Rev Adrian Kennard

FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Dear Rev Kennard,

Thank you for your e-mail requesting information. The DVLA are dealing with your request under the terms of The Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Your request has been given reference number: FOIR6559.

Thanks & Regards,

David A Morgan
Freedom of Information Team
Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy and Communications Group | D16 | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL
Twitter: @dvlagovuk

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FOI FOI, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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Good Afternoon Mr Kennard

Further to your recent Freedom of Information request, please find attached a response.


Ian Aubrey
Freedom of Information Team – C2/W
Data Sharing & Protection Group | Strategy, Policy and Communications Directorate | DVLA | Swansea | SA6 7JL

New vehicle tax rates for cars registered on or after 1 April 2017.
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