Cost of student accommodation

The request was refused by Campion Hall, Oxford.

Dear Campion Hall, Oxford,

I would like to make the following Freedom of Information request:

Please can you supply me with figures for the latest five academic years on the average cost of accommodation for undergraduates provided by the college.

Please provide figures for the academic years 2022/23, 2021/22, 2020/21, 2019/20, 2018/19.

Please provide the figures in terms of weekly rent. Please provide me with both the median and mean cost of accommodation, but if only one figure is available then please specify which you have used.

Please provide the data in the form of a table or spreadsheet.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Clark

Alec Thorp, Campion Hall, Oxford

Dear Alex,

As a Permanent Private Hall under the charitable trust of the Jesuits in Britain (Society of Jesus Trust for Roman Catholic Purposes) Charity Number England 230165, Scotland 40490, we are not a public authority under the FOI Act 2000 and hence are not obliged to answer such requests.

Please note as a post graduate PPH Campion Hall has no undergarduates.

Kind regards

Alec Thorp
Campion Hall,
Brewer Street
Oxford OX1 1QS
Tel: +44 (0)1865 286102
[email address]

A Permanent Private Hall of the
University of Oxford

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