Cost of residential care for adults with learning disabilities

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Dear Vale of Glamorgan Council,

Can you please supply the average cost of keeping an adult with a learning disability, needing 24/7 sleep-in staff availability, in residential care. Please also supply the policy on out-of county placements where they are cheaper than in-county placements.

Yours faithfully,
B. Wools

FOI Unit, Vale of Glamorgan Council


B. Wools,


We acknowledge your request for information, which has today been
forwarded to the Head of Business & Innovation for consideration and


Yours faithfully,


FOI Unit

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FOI Unit, Vale of Glamorgan Council


We have considered your request and now provide the requested information.

1. To provide an avaerage would be mis leading given the wide variation in needs of our service users.

Weekly residential costs per week range from £325 per wek to £3295 per week.
We currently have commitmetns for 52 residential placemetns at an avaerage cost per week of £1251. This is however not a true reflection of an average octs of weekly residnetial care.

Assessed need not costs determine whether we commission in-county or out of county placements. We always look to make placements locally if someone's assessed needs can be met locally. We only commission out of county placements if we cannot meet assessed needs locally. In conjunction with other South Wales authorites the Vale of Glamorgan will utilise the SEWIC brokerage service to help identify suitable available options for making placements that meet asessed need requirements.


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