Cost of Hazelwood school fiasco

John Vernon made this Freedom of Information request to Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

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The request was successful.

Dear Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland),

As public money is currently getting wasted, I'd like to request under freedom of information act what the issue was. This is with regards to lease do land to Hazelwood integrated college

Also why was this not resolved before the school term, I'm sure BELB were aware of construction, and school term dates.

The cost of legal advise to date and any legal action pending regarding this.

Yours faithfully,

John Vernon

Liz Johnston, Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

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-resending my original reply.

Liz Johnston
FOI Manager
028 90564316

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Liz Johnston, Belfast Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland)

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I have been supplied with the following response to your information
request.  I hope this is useful. If you  require any further advice please
let me know.

 1. What was the issue?

Without the knowledge or consent of the Belfast Education and Library
Board ("BELB"), Hazelwood Integrated College authorised their contractors
to enter secured land  ("the Land") belonging to the     BELB: to place a
mobile building upon the land  and to progress construction works with a
view to turning the mobile building into classroom facilities.  BELB
became aware of this trespass on 28th August 2013.

 2. What was the process with regard to the lease of the Land and the
timeframe involved?

* On 9th May 2013 Hazelwood Integrated College contacted the BELB to
request a lease over the Land. 
* Any leasing transaction is a conveyance process.
* As BELB is a statutory body it requires to  adhere    not only to
standard conveyance practice but also requires obtaining Board
approval, Department of Education approval and Land and Property
Service Valuation advices.
* These additional disposal requirements are set out within Article 106
of the Education and Libraries (Northern Ireland) Order 1986.
* Consequently Hazelwood Integrated College were advised by BELB of the
process involved in leasing land and that the matter would be put
before the board at the next board meeting on 6th June 2013.
* Hazelwood Integrated College were advised that the process would take
at least three months to complete.  The Lease process completed on 8th
October 2013.


 3. The cost of legal advice to date and any legal action pending
regarding this matter.

* A parent on behalf of a pupil of Hazelwood Integrated College applied
to the Judicial Review Court for leave to  judicially review the
decision of BELB to restrict full access to Hazelwood Integrated
College to the Land, until the lease process had concluded.  This
application for leave was dismissed by the Judicial Review Court and
no order for legal costs was made against BELB.  There is no legal
action pending.


* The legal advice provided to BELB in respect of the lease of the lands
was provided internally by the boards solicitors. No cost involved.


* As a result of the parents application for leave  for  a judicial


 a. Legal advice provided to the BELB with regard to the successful
objection to the judicial review leave application was provided
internally. Additional legal advice and representation was obtained
from a barrister appointed from the approved government panel.
 b. This cost  for this is not yet know.  The invoice for the barristers
services has  not yet been issued to the board.
 c. It will be necessary for you to reapply for this information at a
later date.

Liz Johnston
FOI Manager
028 90564316

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