This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Cost of end-to-end encryption ad campaign'.

2 Marsham Street 
Our ref: 65966 
Date: 11/10/2021 
Dear Andrew Poelstra (, 
Freedom of Information Request reference: 65966 
Thank you for your e-mail of 8 September 2021 in which you requested the cost of the 
upcoming ad campaign directed at Facebook's end-to-end encryption proposal, including:   
a)  The total payment to M&C Saatchi, cited in a recent Times article  
b)  The total payment to any other ad agencies as part of this campaign  
Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of 
Information Act 2000. I can confirm that the Home Office holds the information that you 
have requested. I am able to disclose that, at the time of writing this letter, no payment has 
been made to M&C Saatchi. Under current plans, c.£534,000 is allocated for this 
campaign. Approximately £56,000 of that wil  be used to support campaign evaluation 
through an independent research agency. No other ad agencies are involved in the 
If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request an independent internal review 
of our handling of your request by submitting a complaint within two months to, quoting reference 65966. If you ask for an internal review, 
it would be helpful if you could say why you are dissatisfied with the response. 
As part of any internal review the Department's handling of your information request would 
be reassessed by staff who were not involved in providing you with this response. If you 
were to remain dissatisfied after an internal review, you would have a right of complaint to 
the Information Commissioner as established by section 50 of the FOIA. 
A link to the Home Office Information Rights Privacy Notice can be found in the following 
link. This explains how we process your personal information: 
Yours sincerely, 
Home Office