Cost of Addtional Inspections for Sussex Health Care Locations

Currently waiting for a response from Care Quality Commission, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Care Quality Commission,

Following the greatly publicised enquiries into the many unexplained deaths and injuries that had occurred within the numerous care homes owned and run by Sussex Health Care, I am most concerned that there has been little or no evidenced improvement as per the CQC published overall ratings. With fifteen care homes with published ratings numbering six as "Inadequate" and the other nine rated as "Requiring Improvement" it can be evidenced that there has been a worsening of the CQC overall ratings over this time period.
In response to this I note that over this time period the CQC has undertaken additional inspections over and above the norm and has also required Sussex Health Care to furnish the CQC with regular updated reports as to it's current activities.

Accordingly, would you please with this my "Freedom of Information Request" furnish me with the following answers:

1) Does the tax paying public have to meet the inevitable additional costs incurred by the CQC for the extra inspections or is this cross charged to Sussex Health Care?

2) If this additional cost has to be met by the tax paying public, what has been the total cost for these extra inspections from the first of August 2017 up to and including todays date?

3) With the requirement on Sussex Health Care to provide regular updates on it's activities to the CQC, what has been the additional cost of analysing this data and again has this cost been met by the tax paying public or cross charged to Sussex Health Care?

4) With little or no evidence of improvement, what is the threshold for revoking a care homes registration and how far away is this organisation from receiving this action?

5) When will the CQC be applying this threshold with the appropriate action of revoking the registration on a number of these care homes owned and run by Sussex Health Care?

Yours faithfully,
Mark Bates Bsc