Corruption & Cover Up

gavin roberts made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence Automatic anti-spam measures are in place for this older request. Please let us know if a further response is expected or if you are having trouble responding.

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Ministry of Defence should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

When is the Corruption & Cover up due to end surrounding Gulf War Veterans? It is common knowledge amongst veterans that the vaccines were responsible for epidemic levels of sickness in troops.

Nothing can travel through the desert hundreds of miles and Only attack 5 Nations troops and not the other 31 Nations amongst them , then travel across the Persian Gulf and once again ONLY pick out the crews of ships from these same few Nations. Then ONLY the non deployed troops from these Nations and not the others. It was the experimental shots. So called vaccine study was a corrupt smokescreen , it was nothing like the shots troops received in numbers, like comparing apples with house bricks. There is taking the piss and there is taking the piss. MOD must hold the world record for a continued Cover Up.

The home Office informed us a few years ago, with corruption and cover ups. The correct procedure is to remove the matter from the hands of the alleged responsible Dept. This good practise also protects innocent personnel within that Dept. Why has this not been done? Why does the biggest organisation not carry out good practise? Are they excused? If so please provide data to support. We suggest to look in the locker in an attempt to find some decency, integrity and honour. There must be a single employee in there that has some? This 👇🏽

In the last 6 months we have been tracking a person called Jack Melling. He came under our spotlight as he had advised Congress to stop wasting time on looking for the cause of the epidemic levels of illness in Gulf War Veterans. We traced Mr Melling in more recent years, he has been responsible for getting the ONLY squalene based flu vaccine to market today. He has been responsible for the testing of it. He was also responsible for the testing of hiv squalene based vaccines. The testing for the flu vaccines was tested on thousands in the fall of 2002. It does not state on which humans. Not sure where he was able to find thousands of young fit adults at the time they were preparing the troops once again for a War in Iraq. We traced Melling back further. He was only the head of developing the vaccines that were subjected to the troops on Gulf War 91. Wtaf? What was he doing as an advisor to Congress advising them to stop looking for cause? Is this the biggest Conflict of Interest known to man on MOD's Watch?

Does this administration want blood on its hands too?

We have asked MOD before what their procedures are when corruption is pointed out to them. The answer in short, was they deal with it. We believe dealing with it was digging it out of the system and NOT sweeping under carpet. Lets not forget we do not even have access to the docs that you have had.

Are you going to follow best practise or are you going to attempt to cover up once more against those prepared to sacrifice their lives for your freedoms?

Please do not reply with any further nonsense disrespecting the intelligence of every pair of veterans/families of fallen eyes that will see it.
Even think about trying to do so, skip the bs and just instruct internal review and save wasting each others time.

If this is treatment of our troops/veterans we might have got better treatment from our enemies if we had let them run through the halls of Whitehall.

Treating Veterans with such distain especially over the last 4 years in full knowledge of evidence, nothing short of a National disgrace.


Gavin Roberts
Families of fallen and sick

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Dear Mr Roberts,


Please find enclosed a response to your FOIA requests from the Ministry of




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