Correspondence with DfE Representatives

Ben Harrow made this Freedom of Information request to West London Free School

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

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Dear West London Free School,

Under the confines of the Freedom of Information Act, please send all correspondence, dating back to May 2010, between yourself and;

1) Michael Gove

2) Dominic Cummings

3) Henry de Zoete

4) Toby Young

If the material is not available (no e-mail/phone records/meetings notes, etc) then send details of said correspondence as an alternative.

: Your correspondence

Please ensure that any of your general correspondence,
acknowledgements or holding letters etc are included or
cut-and-pasted into the body of the email messages, using plain text, rather than as attachments. As this will mean your correspondence is much easier to access, read and respond to.

: Accessibility:

When providing any information disclosures please provide it in the original unrestricted format such as:

a. MS Word .doc or Rich Text Text .rtf format or equivalent
(suitable for disclosure of email messages)

And, if necessary,

b.Spreadsheets in MS Excel .xls format or equivalent

c.Presentations in MS Powerpoint .ppt format or equivalent
or converted to Portable Document Format (PDF), ONLY if none of the above formats are available

If you only have a paper version (hard copy) available, please provide a Digital Photo Copier Scanned version in PDF format. If you do provide disclosures in PDF from a Digital Photo Copier Scan, please state that you have done so because no other format, such as a, b or c above, are available.

If you need to redact text elements of any disclosure can you please ensure that the rest of text based information remains accessible to a Screen Reader.

Please ensure any electronic disclosures are absolutely free of any Document limitations or controls, such as making them Read-only, Encrypted or Password restricted, as this is likely to render them less usable on a general basis and more specifically, inaccessible to Assistive Technology.

Please do not send any information in compilation archive formats, such as .zip.

Providing correspondence and disclosed information via these means will help ensure that text based information is accessible for use with a Screen Reader or a Magnifier for none text based information and will prevent any further and separate representations under the Disability Discrimination Act. If you are unable to meet these reasonably practicable accessibility requests please state why and provide a copy of any internal information, such as a policy relied upon that would explain such a decision.


If some information is not available for release within the 20 working day restriction of the Freedom of Information Act, please send what is available, rather than delaying the entire request.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Harrow

Tom Packer, West London Free School

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Dear Mr Harrow

Please find my response to your recent request attached.

Best wishes

Thomas Packer


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