Correct and legal procedures governing an allocation to the Work Programme

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James Spencer-Gray

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Is it correct procedure as per your departments rules that the Job Centre's do not have to offer any assistance/training to individuals who are registered as unemployed BUT NOT in receipt of any cash benefits or more technically expressed as being in receipt of an out of work income replacement benefit?

Therefore can you additionally confirm it would be impossible for a regional area of the DWP to mandate the same individual onto the Work Programme purely on the pretence they have been registered as unemployed for the requisite period of time?

Could you therefore confirm that such an allocation, if made, would be purely a political punishment rather than a objective punishment and that the individual could not be punished on the sole basis they were not in receipt of any cash benefits to confiscate?

Finally can you also confirm that no regional office of the DWP acted in such a nefarious manner as to then allocate an individual onto the Post Work Programme when they were still not in receipt of any cash benefit?
Yours faithfully,

James Spencer-Gray

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James Spencer-Gray left an annotation ()

By stating the questions asked are VEXAVIOUS they have effectively given themselves a get out of jail card, hardly the hall mark of open and transparent government.

Why are they so scared of answering?

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