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Dear Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner,

Please can you reveal details of all Corporate Sponsorship that you have received in the past 5 years and in the next year?

Yours faithfully,

Mrs M Wicks


Thank you for your email. Emails are treated in the same manner and with the same level of importance as other communications such as post, telephone and fax. Nevertheless we will respond to you promptly.
If your email relates to a complaint or general enquiry, please note the following information.
The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is separate to Greater Manchester Police. If you are trying to report a crime, please call 999 in an emergency or 101 for non emergency issues.
The Commissioner represents the people of Greater Manchester and as such we would ask that you provide the following information:
- your full name
- your full postal address including postcode
- contact telephone number
Tony Lloyd will always try to help people who are having problems with the Police. His office does not have investigatory powers nor can the Commissioner’s office act as an appeals process for decisions already made. Tony Lloyd will forward your complaint to the Police complaints process or, if necessary, raise concerns with Police officers at the appropriate level, be that the relevant area Commander or Chief Constable.
You can of course make an official complaint direct to Greater Manchester Police, you can find out more about that here
The Independent Police Complaints Commission can also be contacted; more information about their processes can be found here
Thank you again for getting in touch. We will reply to your email as soon as possible.


Dear Mrs Wicks


Thank you for your email dated 27^th January, 2014.


Please note that the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester
has not received any corporate sponsorship, and there are no proposals for
him to do so in the future.


I hope this is helpful.


Kind regards








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