Corporate Estate Managing Maintenance

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Dear The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission,

Please can you provide me with information concerning the maintenance of your corporate estate i.e. operational buildings, land and any other property (e.g. investment) and schools, if they are within your jurisdiction. Not any social housing/dwellings.

Q1. What type of maintenance management model does your organisation use? E.g. Managed supply-chain, single hard-fm & soft-fm contractor, internal workforce, principal contractor etc.

Q2. Can you provide a list of the approved contractors used?

Q3. What are the total values of contracts granted?

Q4. When do these contracts expire?

Q5. What services are provided in each contract?

Q6. What procurement method was used? E.g. Open ITT, Framework if so, which one?

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Nicola Pomroy