Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please provide the latest Claimant Commitment template that a Work Coach would use when tailoring / setting the requirements for a Universal Credit claimant who is subject to all work-related requirements.

Please also provide any guidance / training materials available to a Work Coach that says a UC claimant should / shouldn't be referred for a sanction where they have completed the actions set out in their Claimant Commitment but taken less than 35hrs.

Yours faithfully,

Giles Simpson

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J Roberts left an annotation ()

Here is an example of a 'work search and preparation plan' that might interest you:

Giles Simpson left an annotation ()

Thanks. I'm trying to establish to what extent my local Jobcentre can / have edited the standard wording on a CC to suit their ends. They seem very fixated on me achieving 35hrs of work search, regardless of whether that is practicable or reasonable.

For example, they are saying I must access Universal Jobmatch for specific periods of time each day.

J Roberts left an annotation ()

Work-searching amounting to 35 hours per week is what is expected:

‘(1) The “expected number of hours per week” in relation to a claimant for the
purposes of determining their individual threshold in regulation 90 or for the
purposes of regulation 95 or 97 is 35 unless some lesser number of hours
applies under paragraph (2).'

Anything less than 35 hours per week would require 'any relevant deductions' to apply:

'30. As to the latter question, namely the meaning of the phrase “any relevant
deductions” from those expected hours, an answer is provided by regulation 95(2):

(2) In this regulation “relevant deductions” means the total of any time agreed by
the Secretary of State —
(a) for the claimant to carry out paid work, voluntary work, a work
preparation requirement, or voluntary work preparation in that week;
(b) for the claimant to deal with temporary childcare responsibilities, a
domestic emergency, funeral arrangements or other temporary circumstances.'

This appeal concerned a temporary arrangement (b). If the arrangement is not temporary, then it would have to be (a).

Regarding Universal Jobmatch, have they specified actual times (eg between 9am and 2pm) or a number of hours (eg 5 hours a day)?

J Roberts left an annotation ()

Pedants will have noticed that I should have said the appeal in question concerned “domestic emergency” or “other temporary circumstances”.

Giles Simpson left an annotation ()

They are requiring me to access / use Jobmatch for 2 hours every day.

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