Copy of Chart showing Regional Seismic Section through Lancashire

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Dear Oil and Gas Authority,
I request a copy of the chart headed "Regional Seismic Section through Lancashire", showing underground fault lines in the Bowland (SW Extn) and Formby basins, which was displayed on the wall in the area staffed by the OGA at the 'Regulators Roadshow' held in Aughton in October 2016.

Yours faithfully,

John Wilkinson

OGA FOI requests,

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Dear Mr Wilkinson,

Please find attached a response to your FOI request.

Many thanks,

Strategy Directorate.

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Dear OGA FOI requests,

Thank you for your response dated 2/2/2017 to my FOI Request on the 6/1/2016.

I followed the link you provided to the seismic profile UKOGL-RG-006 and was able to copy the element of the chart you displayed on the wall at the 'Regulator's Roadshow' held in Aughton on the 12/10/2016, albeit without the depth indicators you showed on the vertical axis.

I do not however understand your comment that you "no longer hold the information in the form it was displayed" on that occasion. Can you please clarify the comment, and assure me that your use of, and reliance on, the diagram can be referred to publicly in due course if necessary.

Yours faithfully,

John Wilkinson