Dear Planning Inspectorate,

Please may I have a copy of all section 73 appeals for removal or varying a condition from october 2016 to october 2019

Yours faithfully,

Cesar basanta

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Long, Martin, Planning Inspectorate

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Dear Mr Basanta

Thank you for your email requesting information from the Planning Inspectorate. Your request has been considered under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (EIR).

The Planning Inspectorate does not record appeals in such a way that we can readily identify those made under section 73 of the Town and Country Planning Act, and to review the detail of every appeal (when we process approximately 15,000+ planning appeals a year) would be a manifestly unreasonable diversion of our resources. The next best solution that we could offer would be a review of appeals where the development description field includes some indicator of the appeal being against conditions or including a variant of "section 73". However, as we already make a dataset with this field publicly available - this information is already publicly available and will allow you to undertake your own research of the information that you are interested in.

Alongside the data are explanations of what all the data fields mean and also hints and tips for searching the data set. This data covers the last five rolling years of decided appeals, and is updated every quarter (approximately six weeks after the end of the particular quarter in the year). You can use the appeal reference to look up the decision on our Appeals Casework Portal (

To summarise, reviewing every appeal to fully answer your request would be a manifestly unreasonable diversion of resources (the exception in EIR Regulation 12(4)(b) applies). Although we accept that this information would provide increased transparency, this has to be considered in the context that we make a dataset available that includes the last 5 years of appeal data and appeal decisions are also published, which allows individuals to undertake their own research without diverting us from our main operational function. As such, the public interest is considered to rest in applying the exception, but allowing you to undertake your own research from the information that is made publicly available.

If you have any queries about this response then please let me know. Otherwise details of our review procedures and the right to appeal to the ICO are attached.

Yours sincerely

Martin Long
Customer Quality Unit
Planning Inspectorate

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