Copy of all appeals for discharge of condition

The request was partially successful.

Dear Planning Inspectorate,

Please can I have a copy of all appeals with regards to a discharge of a condition over the last ten years

Yours faithfully,

Cesar basanta

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Palmer, Bob, Planning Inspectorate

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Dear Mr Basanta


Thank you for your e-mail requesting information from the Planning
Inspectorate, which has been passed to me for reply. 


If I understand correctly, you are requesting information on appeals that
have been made following a refusal by the local planning authority to
approve matters required by condition.


You may be aware that we now publish appeals data on our website
[1]Planning Inspectorate - Appeals Data. This data covers the last five
years of decided appeals, and it is updated every quarter on a rolling
basis (we do not hold data for appeals that were decided more than five
years ago). A search of the data can be conducted using key words
(alongside the data are explanations of what the fields mean and also
hints and tips for searching the data set). The [2]Appeals Casework
Portal  can then be used to find decision letters, once reference numbers
are identified. I have used the filter in the column ‘Appeal Type Reason’
to select for appeals under the category ‘7. Refuse to approve any matter
required by a condition on a previous planning permission’. The reference
numbers for the appeals identified are in the attached document; I hope
this is helpful.


A requirement to provide all of the information that we hold on these
appeals would be an exercise in excess of the appropriate limit stipulated
in the Freedom of Information Act (£600 or 24 hours work) or considered
manifestly unreasonable in respect of the Environmental Information
Regulations 2004.  Furthermore, our published procedures explain that an
appeal’s full case record and documentation is normally destroyed one year
after the issue of the decision letter. The local planning authority is
responsible for maintaining information relevant to the planning history
of their area. 


Details of our review procedures and contact details for the Information
Commissioner’s Office are set out in the attached leaflet.




Yours sincerely



Bob Palmer


Customer Quality Team

Planning Inspectorate

3B Eagle Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square,

Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6PN

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