Contracts Register with additional data indicating spend by supplier over past three years

David Carson made this Freedom of Information request to South Ayrshire Council

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South Ayrshire Council did not have the information requested.

Dear South Ayrshire Council,

I would appreciate it if you could provide a copy of the Contracts Registers dated December 2018 - in Microsoft Excel format and not pdf please - including some specific additional data.

Report to have the same structure and format and coding - as per the design of the latest 2018 Contracts Register - but with additional data columns indicating:
- contract value allocated/assigned to each supplier for contract period
- total value invoiced by each supplier for a specific contract, over past three calendar periods Jan-Dec 2016, 2017, 2018

The data elements as outlined in current 2018 Register includes:
Supplier Name
Contract Owner
Award Date
Start Date
Assumed Expiry Date
Expiry Date including extensions
Max extension
Contract Value
With three additional data columns showing:
Supplier invoiced amount for period Jan - Dec 2016, Jan-Dec 2017, Jan-Dec 2018

Yours faithfully,

David Carson

FOI,, South Ayrshire Council

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Kind regards


FOI Team|Information Governance|Chief Executive’s Office|
[1][email address] |Tel: 01292 612223 |South Ayrshire
Council|County Buildings, Wellington Square, Ayr, KA7



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FOI,, South Ayrshire Council

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I refer to your recent Freedom of Information request and now enclose the
Councils response.




FOI Team | Chief Executive’s Office | [1][email address] | 01292
612223 | County Buildings, Wellington Square, Ayr, KA7 1DR |


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