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Contracts and Partnerships with Serco

Mairi Campbell-Jack made this Freedom of Information request to East Renfrewshire Council

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Mairi Campbell-Jack

Dear East Renfrewshire Council,

Please send me details of any contracts or partnerships you have with Serco Plc, or any part of the Serco Group including service provided and start/end dates.

Yours faithfully,

Mairi Campbell-Jack

*Customer Services, East Renfrewshire Council

Corporate & Community Services
Council HQ, Eastwood Park
Rouken Glen Road
G46 6UG

Date: 24th April 2018

Dear Mairi Campbell-Jack,



Thank you for your FOI request received on 24th April 2018.

Your request has been passed to the Chief Executives Department who will action it and respond to you direct.

Although the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act allows us 20 working days to deal with enquiries, we aim to process them as soon as possible. Please be aware that there are a number of important exemptions under the Act, and that in some cases we have the right to make a charge for dealing with enquiries.

Please find attached further details on FoI with a summary of our policy and procedures for your information. A full copy is available on www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk or phone 0141 577 3001.

Until you hear from the officer dealing with your enquiry or if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Customer First quoting the reference number noted above.

Yours sincerely

Records Manager

Freedom of Information: an introduction

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 gives a general right of access to the information held by a broad range of Scottish public authorities. The Act covers the Scottish Executive, local authorities, health boards, universities, police forces, and a large number of other public bodies.

FoI Policy

East Renfrewshire Council adopted a Freedom of Information Policy in December 2004. This commits the Council to properly dealing with all information requests. The Policy established a cross-departmental Freedom of Information Working Group, and emphasises the departmental nature of the responsibility for dealing with Freedom of Information Request. Legal Services provide the lead in terms of establishing procedures, etc., and will also deal with any cross-departmental requests.

Publication Scheme

The Council has produced a publication scheme, available from our website or from our libraries. This document lists all the classes of information that we make available, as well as information about the format of the information and how you can access it.

Making a request for information

There may be a charge for more extensive enquiries, and those which cost us over £600 to process may be refused. We will endeavour to deal with your request as quickly as possible, but it may take up to 20 working days from receipt.
Please note that there are a number of exemptions under Freedom of Information. such as those relating to personal information, material otherwise available, confidentiality, commercial interest, crime and national security. If any of these exemptions are applied, we will issue a refusal notice stating the reason why you have not been given the information that you had asked for and how you can appeal that decision.

Scottish Information Commissioner

Freedom of Information is promoted by the Scottish Information Commissioner. His website has a wealth of further information on all aspects of Freedom of Information: see www.itspublicknowledge.info/. You can also find out more about FoI on the website of the Scottish Executive: www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Government/FOI

Rachel Christie
Customer Services Officer / Assistant Registrar
Customer First
Tel: 0141 577 3001
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Maxwell, Graeme, East Renfrewshire Council

Dear Mairi,

Information about East Renfrewshire Council’s supplier contracts is available on our procurement portal at:


Under S25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 this information is therefore “otherwise accessible”

East Renfrewshire Council offers the opportunity to apply to the Council for a review of how we have dealt with your enquiry. If you wish to proceed to review, please apply in writing within 40 working days to:

Chief Officer - Legal and Procurement
Council Headquarters
Rouken Glen Road
Giffnock G46 6UG,
marking your letter “Freedom of Information, request for review”, and stating the exact nature of the matter you wish to be reviewed.

The review will be carried out within 20 working days of receipt. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, you have the right to then appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner who has extensive powers to investigate such matters. Her address is:

Scottish Information Commissioner
Kinburn Castle
St. Andrews
Fife KY16 9DS

Graeme Maxwell
Records Management Officer
East Renfrewshire Council
Council HQ
G46  6UG
(0141) 577 3342

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Mairi Campbell-Jack please sign in and let everyone know.