Contract with Descisys for COINs Database

The request was successful.

Dear Her Majesty's Treasury,

I would like to request the contract between the
Treasury and Descisys -- the company who provided the
Combined Online Information System (COINS) which is used as the governments accounting software.

Yours faithfully,

Lisa Evans

Enquiries, CEU, HM Treasury

Dear Ms Evans,

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request. I write to confirm receipt of your request and to let you know that it is receiving attention. If you have any enquiries regarding your request do not hesitate to contact us.

Darren Creamer
Correspondence and Enquiry Unit

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Julian Todd left an annotation ()

The COINS contract began in 2005 and looks like it runs to a couple of millions, which is a reasonable price in comparison to most systems, so it's got to be pretty simple.

responses, FOI, HM Treasury

1 Attachment

Please find attached our reply to your FoI request.


Information Rights Unit
HM Treasury


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Lisa Evans left an annotation ()

The request has been delayed until 10th March.

Lisa Evans left an annotation ()

The reply to the request has been delayed until 10th March.

Dear responses, FOI,

I would appreciate a decision on this request as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Evans

responses, FOI, HM Treasury

Lisa Evans

I am sorry that we have taken a little longer than expected to complete our assessment of the public interest, following our letter of 3 March. However, I can now tell you that the outcome is a decision to disclose.

In parallel with this message, I am sending a formal letter and the disclosure in hard copy to the postal address you provided.

Paul Morran | Information Rights Unit | 2/SW, 1 Horse Guards Road, SW1A 2HQ

Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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