Contingency Timetable plan for Thameslink.

Govia Thameslink Railway Limited did not have the information requested.

Dear Govia Thameslink Railway Limited,
I'm keen to know if you going add your contingency timetables for Thameslink to your website as a number of different train operating companies such as Southeastern have made these timetables available to the public to view, if any unexpected situation results the normal service network being reduced.
This can give us (train passengers) a idea of what the contingency timetable is gonna be for a particular service of the network to be prepared for any unexpected and sudden changes.

If you won't add them to your website, could you state what would be the services running on a contingency timetable for Thameslink.

Yours faithfully,

Customer Services, Govia Thameslink Railway Limited

Dear Sir/Madam

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us. We aim to respond in full
to your enquiry within 10 working days.

The RMT and ASLEF unions have suspended their planned strike dates and
overtime ban. For more information please visit
Kind regards

Southern Customer Relations


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Customer Services,

Dear Mr Edwards

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with regards to a contingency

I can confirm that we do not have a contingency timetable in place, due to
our current situation with the union.

If there were the need to implement a new revised timetable it would only
ever be done if it is the only option available to be able to keep running
our services as a last resort, as it was the last time one was
implemented. We plan our services to make best use of the resources we
have available and to meet the needs of our customers in the most
effective way.

The Train Planning team has to take into account many different factors
when they compile a timetable and they include adapting the service to
changing customer demand. If we use the ASLEF overtime ban as an example,
the train planning team also would have to take into account how many
drivers are actually going to follow the union and strike.

This information is only available when the unions have confirmed action
and as such there is no contingency timetable in place..

Thanks again for writing to us and I hope that all of your journeys are
safe and pleasant.




Kind regards,



Customer Relations Advisor

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