Dear South-Eastern Education and Library Board (Northern Ireland),

I would like to make a request for the following information under
the Freedom of Information Act (2000).

1. Do you employ the use of content filtering software on the PCs
based in your libraries which are connected to the internet and
intended for use by the users of your library?

If answer to 1. is “yes”, please:

2. Provide the name and annual cost of the content filtering

3. Provide a full list of the categories of websites blocked (e.g.
“pornography, gambling, phishing etc.”). If these differ according
to the user profile accessing the PC (e.g. child, student, adult,
staff etc.) please provide a full list of categories of websites
blocked for each user profile.

4. Confirm whether you also block specific URLs in addition to
categories, and provide a complete list of these URLs.

5. Provide the relevant policy document or written documentation
which outlines the procedure a user must follow in instances where
they would like to gain access to a website that is blocked.

6. From January 2013 until the present day, please provide a list
of the URLs where users have requested access to despite them being
blocked by the content filtering software.

7. Of the list provided in 6., please detail which URLs access was
granted for and which were denied.

I hope the above requests are clear however please do not hesitate
to get back in touch if any need clarifying

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Payne

Alberta Park,

28 May 2015

Dear Ms Paynes

I write to advise that the Education Authority South Eastern Region does not hold the requested information.

Please redirect your request to Libraries NI. Libraries NI holds information about public libraries in Northern Ireland.

The point of contact for Libraries NI is as follows:

Lisburn Library
23 Linenhall Street
BT28 1FJ

Telephone 028 3752 0738 (Monday - Friday from 9am until 5pm)

Email: [email address]

Website Libraries NI -

Yours sincerely

Alberta Park
Information Officer
Education Authority
South Eastern Region
Grahamsbridge Road
BT16 2HS

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