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Stephen Woods made this Freedom of Information request to Independent Schools Inspectorate
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Independent Schools Inspectorate did not have the information requested.

Dear Independent Schools Inspectorate,

Do you have a recent source of email contacts, whereby I can contact UK independent schools, please?

I am a Drama teacher conducting research into drama practice in
independent schools (KS3 & 4) across the UK, and I would like to contact heads
of drama and media in UK independent establishments.

Collecting the data has so far been painstakingly slow, (I would have to visit thousands of websites to garner this information, so it is not a feasible line of enquiry).
As far as I can see there is no single online resource I can turn
to, which collates UK independent schools' contacts in one place. I can
understand why this might be the case, but I would be extremely
grateful if you could share your latest, up-to-date resource with
UK independent education establishments' email addresses, if you possess such a

This would greatly facilitate my research. If you do not possess a
single source for email contacts within schools, please could you
direct me to the next best thing? Postal addresses would be of no
use as it would be too costly for me to send letters.

Many thanks in advance,

Stephen Woods

Yours faithfully,

Stephen Woods

Daisy Madder, Independent Schools Inspectorate

Dear Mr Woods,

Thank you for your email, which has been passed to me. Unfortunately we do not hold the type of information you require in our records. There are subject associations for many subjects taught in independent schools, and you might want to see if one such exists for Drama- they usually call themselves the Independent Schools (Subject) Association.

Best wishes,

Daisy Madder
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