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Michael Edwards

Dear Sirs,

I understand the Council employed Hillary McGowan and Associates to advise on the possible creation of a Museum and Library Trust.

Please advise what is the full cost of employing these consultants in terms of their fees and expenses and any other ancillary costs ie. Officers' on-costs for proving the consultants with relevant information, data and inspection of premises etc?

Yours faithfully,

Michael Edwards

Carol Thomas left an annotation ()

Dear Clr Edwards
I am surprised that as a Councillor you have not been able to find this information. I trust that you are looking for some sort of information in relation to Gresford.
Be more than happy to share information which I gather on Wrexham Council.

Michael Edwards left an annotation ()

Carol Thomas appears to have jumped to the false conclusion that I am a Councillor which I am not!

foi, Wrexham County Borough Council

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Alison Hayes
Administrative Assistant, Office Support Services/Cynorthwyydd Gweinyddol, Gwasanaethau Cymorth Swyddfa
Corporate and Customer Services Department/Adran Gwasanaethau Corfforaethol a Chwsmeriaid
Fax 01978 292207 - DX  721924 - Wrexham 4

  01978 292167
   Wrexham County Borough Council, Guildhall, Wrexham LL11 1AY
   Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam, Neuadd y Dref, Wrecsam LL11 1AY                      | | |

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Petra Samuels, Wrexham County Borough Council

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Dear Mr Edwards


Please see the attached







Petra Samuels

Cynorthwyydd Gweinyddol, Gwasanaethau Cymorth Swyddfa/ Administrative
Assistant, Office Support Services

Adran Gwasanaethau Corfforaethol a Chwsmeriaid/Corporate and Customer
Services Department

Fax 01978 292207 - DX  721924 - Wrexham 4


[1]Description: Description: Description:
Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D12868.DFDFC8F0  01978 292217

[3]Description: Description: Description:   Cyngor Bwrdeistref
Sirol Wrecsam, Neuadd y Dref, Wrecsam LL11 1AY                           

[4]Description: Description: Description:  Wrexham County Borough
Council, Guildhall, Wrexham LL11 1AY

[5]Description: Description: Description: [6] |

[8]Description: Description: Description:  
[9] |[10]

[11]Description: Description: Description:
[12] |[13]








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