Consultancy Contracts

The request was successful.

Dear Salford City College,

I am aware that the college uses Tenet Education Services to outsource it's current procurement. I wish to enquire as to the details of this contract. Namely;

- The annual value of the contract
- The term of this contract
- When the College expects to tender this contract
- Where such an advertisement of this contract opportunity will be expected to appear
- Any information you may be able to share about the scope of this contract

Yours faithfully,

Aaron Law

FOIrequests, Salford City College

Dear Aaron

Please find below the answers to your request

1) Annual value of contract £32k excl. VAT

2) Contract term 3 years

3)Contract to be reviewed in December 2022

4) Invitation to tender is subject to finding suitable alternative firms with significant knowledge and experience of FE colleges and frameworks. The college relies on the experience and knowledge built up over a number of years by the consultants who are education sector specialists with significant back office support.

Kind Regards

FOI Team

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