Sean Brawley made this Freedom of Information request to Northamptonshire County Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Northamptonshire County Council.

Dear Northamptonshire County Council,
Please provide, for each financial year from 2007/8, a list of all consultancies agencies (including personal service companies) paid more than £100,000 in that year by the council.

Kind regards.

Sean Brawley

Freedom of Information,

Dear Mr Brawley,

Thank you for your email.

Information matching the criteria and parameters of your request is not
centrally held and recorded by NCC.


Unfortunately, I have estimated that the time it will take to contact each
individual service area will exceed the fee limit as set out in the
Appropriate Limit and Fees Regulations. Therefore, the Council is not
obliged to provide a response and I will not be processing your request
further. For information purposes, the fee limit set down by the
Regulations is £450.00 and in our case this equates to a maximum of 18
hours’ of search and retrieval time.


In accordance with Section 17 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, this
letter acts as a refusal to release the information you have requested.


Section 12-Exemption where cost of compliance exceeds appropriate limit

(1)    Section 1 (1) does not oblige a public authority to comply with a
request for information if the authority estimates that the cost of
complying with the request would exceed the appropriate limit.


To assist you, we have included the link to information available on our
website which provides data on all Council spend above £500, and
specifically categorises consultancy:




Kind regards


Sarah Jobling

Senior Administrator

Freedom of Information/Data Protection Team

Business Intelligence and Project Management

Northamptonshire County Council


Tel: 01604 368360

[email address]








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