Construction cost and schedule date estimates for DCMS projects identified in GMPP AR Data, March 2022

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Dear Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport,

The following projects are included in the GMPP Government Major Projects Portfolio AR Data March 2022(a):
• Blythe House Programme (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0008_1516-Q4)
• Local Full Fibre Networks (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0010_1718-Q3)
• 5G Testbeds & Trials (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0011_1718-Q3)
• Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0012_1819-Q2)
• Natural History Museum at Harwell (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0018_2021-Q3)
• Project Gigabit (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0019_2021-Q4)
• Shared Rural Network (GMPP ID Number: DCMS_0020_2122-Q1)

Please provide the following information for each of the projects:
1. The estimated construction costs.
2. The estimated construction start date.
3. The estimated construction end date.
4. The base date of the estimates.

When providing this information, please confirm:
• That the estimated construction cost is the ‘Direct cost’ of construction, in accordance with the cost breakdown structure as shown in Figure 6 (Page 18) of the IPA Cost Estimating Guidance(b) and is exclusive of any on-costs such as client management costs, professional fees, inflation, risk allowances or adjustments for optimism bias.
• The ‘Programme or Project Type’, in accordance with definitions on Page 37 of the Guide to developing the Project Business Case(c) or Page 47 of the Guide to developing the Programme Business Case(d).
• Whether there is a Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) element/component to the construction costs (Yes or No)

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Mark Boulton

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Our Ref: FOI2023/01526

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