Constable Oath versus Official Secrets Act

Richard Card made this Freedom of Information request to Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

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Waiting for an internal review by Judicial Committee of the Privy Council of their handling of this request.

Dear Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,

What is your advice to Her Majesty the Queen sole fount of justice and guarantor of the Queens Peace ?

The Queens Peace extends to the protection of child victims by constables ?

The constable is an INDEPENDENT ministerial officer of the Crown ?

The constable swear his oath of office direct to HM the Queen ?

How does he serve his Queen in the Office of Constable if he abandons child victims of sexual abuse ?

Your advise to HM the Queen please sirs ?

Can Treason be committed under authority of Official Secrets Act ??

Can Attorney General say it is in public interest to commit Treason ??

If it is you who give HM the Queen advice then look to our directionless sorry farce of a police. Our Queen must stand and address that nation. Constables are sworn Crown officers you serve your Queen above all in the Office of constable. And give the useless beggars some direction ? Or admit we are no longer a constitutional monarchy with a balance of powers. There have been successive govts promoting the idea office of constable is now a constitutional fiction ? Is it please let me know I will unswear the oath I have been trying to honour this 44 years unto death as so sworn.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Dear Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,

In the cases with which you are already familiar. By what authority was Suzi Knight (Widow of Maxwell Knight Head of MI5 )incarcerated in a Sue Ryder Home and staff obeying Whitehall establishment officers to deny Suzi her freedom of movement and freedom of association ?

BY what authority after four insufficiently investigated deaths at Sue Ryder Cavendish Home 1972 did Suffolk Police catch and return inmates who had run away to avail their freedom of movement and association ?

If police were officers of the Queens Peace to confront the miners strike why weren't they officers of the Queens Peace when it came to child victims left no peace whatsoever ?

If police are Officers of the Queens Peace when they turn aup at bailiffs evictions why weren't they officers of the Queens Peace when it came to betraying child victims of abuse to no peace whatsoever ?

And if the Sole Fount of Justice status of the monarch has somehow been destroyed by parliament then what possible point cold there be of a further coronation in this land which would be de facto no longer a Realm with a balance of powers ?

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Dear Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,

Your response to FOI application is now overdue.

Today I will be making a related FOI application to the BBC concerning a Panorama they broadcast 1975, the Official Secrets Act (at that time charges against a civil servant being subject to prior consent of Attorney General) and two dogs that neither barked nor bit the then Labour Government for discharging mental patients homeless into seaside resorts.

BBC and the charity MIND where an executive I believe was a certain Peter RIGHTON.

Much of the content of Panorama was Poor Care Home Standards under Section 37 National Assistance Act 1948. IE Those registered in the lowest category (to avoid employing qualified nurses) like Sue Ryder Cavendish.

And the most recent eminent study of that time being TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE commissioned by Dept of Health for some years to conduct research on inmate communities of all UK Leonard Cheshire Homes.

We now know that, at the times the BBC and MIND dogs neither barked nor bit, in fact Jimmy SAVILE was getting away with abuse at SUE RYDER child hospice Leeds.

We know that a case can be made that my constable oath came into conflict with MI5/Special Branch on 22nd January 1972 when I refused to throw away clothing from the body of volunteer Matron MCGILL of Sue Ryder HQ Care Home Cavendish. I refused to prevent its availability for forensic testing such as diatom testing. And I remained pursuant of justice for Matron McGILL unto death.

We also know that the Sue Ryder/Leonard Cheshire inquiries (Mine re Matron McGILL and a Welsh Regional Crime Squad inquiry into identity thefts via GP death registration frauds) were put to DAME JANET SMITH Harold Shipman Inquiry. Since both related to terms of reference to make recommendations to improve death registration practices.

Also put to DAME JANET SMITH were the Beeches Ixworth child deaths in fact 1966 to 1972 that in 1972 Sir Keith Joseph had refused care inquiry. A year in fact he shared platforms with Peter RIGHTON.

DAME JANET SMITH is conducting SAVILE Inquiry at BBC. And I think BBC and DAME JANET SMITH should appear before the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry to make explanations.

In 1976 it was clear, through civil service commission, that if I faced OSA charges re Panorama or letters to press that I would deploy CONSTABLE OATH and the sworn duty to use all skill. Obviously I would also have walked with a public interest defence at that time. In the end no charges were brought and no breach of civil service code identified. But someone flagged me up against future security vettings. Though they did not stop me joining Territorial Army or deploying unaccompanied access all site at Plessey Torpedos as an electrician in 1989 when I reported on reasons for torpedo unreliability (Belgrano incident related 1982)

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

Dear Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,

You are now long overdue in responding to this FOI. I am near completion of a submission report to the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry and wanted to cite not only this FOI but also your response.

Jimmy Savile abused at the Sue Ryder Child Hospice Leeds in the 70s. This was the sister charity of Leonard Cheshire Homes. The Leonard Cheshire Homes had been subject of 3 years of Tavistock Institute Research into group psychiatry research commissioned by Dept of Health. The two charities came under Regional Crime Squad Inquiry re aliens registrations and suspicions of identity thefts via GP death registration malpractices. This gave rise to the RCS suspicion that the two charities were unlawful police no go areas by MI5 abuse of Special Branch liaison. A classic case of Official Secrets Act versus constable oath with the primacy of law the casualty. Just the same issue as in the CSA Inquiry cases.

The 1964 Police Act and the 1967 Criminal Law Act made a massive sea change in the way our Realm works. The 64 Act was Cromwellian in its hypocrisy as it moved power from Crown to Home Secretary and to Chief constables but removed discretion and Crown authority from constables as a whole. This constructed an illegal command structure of police that by years of useage is now seen as the norm. The Home Secretary tells Chief constables what to do. When he tells them to act as a Gestapo they did this through a limited company with no Crown Authority (ACPO) And Chief constables tell the lower admin ranks what to do.

Lord Denning obiter is an authority for interpretation of this situation. But as he was founding trustee of the unlawful police no go area Leonard Cheshire charity he was acting unlawfully as a Judge in his own cause.

You are supposed to advise the Queen in her sworn duty as SOLE fount of justice in mercy. You may be feeling safe with the Act of Settlement saying we can't sack judges but it doesn't give you immunity from Treason charges does it ?

How many thousands of children have been denied their rights to enjoy the Queens Peace ? With purported constables obeying unlawful orders to drop inquiries ? Breaching and dividing their oaths of office every day of their sorry treacherous careers.

We have the tories talking about drawing up a new constitution. With no sense of irony about their role in 1964 betraying the existing constitution.

Your answer please. Is the Office of Constable now a constitutional myth ? If so it happened on your watch.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card