Connectivity and Network Services

Philip Mansfield made this Freedom of Information request to Commission on Human Medicines as part of a batch sent to 55 authorities

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Dear Commission on Human Medicines,

1. Connectivity and Network Services
a. Who provides your WAN and internet connectivity and the annual spend on each
b. Who provides your SIP trunks and what is the annual spend
c. Who provides your WAN services, is this MPLS, SD WAN or Internet, and what is the annual spend
d. Who provides your LAN infrastructure and what is your annual spend
e. Who provides your WIFI infrastructure and what is your annual spend
f. Please confirm the manufacturer(s) of your wired network core and edge switching?
g. When was your core network installed?
h. Has it been updated subsequently?
i. Who maintains your core network?
j. When is the contract renewal date?
k. Please confirm value of the initial project?
l. Please confirm the value of annual support/maintenance services (in £)?

Yours faithfully,

Philip Mansfield

MHRA Customer Services, Commission on Human Medicines

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Our Ref: FOI 22/962

Dear Philip Mansfield,


Thank you for your enquiry below and attached which we received on 12th September.

I confirm that your request is now being handled under the Freedom of Information Act and you should receive a reply within 20 working days from our date of receipt.

If you need to contact us again about this request, please quote the reference number above.

Please be aware that we publish FOIs replies and these are redacted and are located on our website at the following link below.

Kind Regards,

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