Jeff Kenyon made this Freedom of Information request to Caldicotes Primary Academy, Middlesbrough

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The request was successful.

Dear Caldicotes Primary Academy, Middlesbrough,

I would like to make an FOI request for the following please;

1. What Internet Service do you operate? (Broadband or Leased line?)
2. What Bandwith do you pay for? (e.g. might have a 100gb line but pay for a 30gb service)
3. Do you have any redundancy if your internet service goes down?
4. What is your Internet Service’s contract end date?
5. Do you operate a separate security package to protect against each of the following;
a. Cyber Attacks
b. Ransom Attacks
c. End point Internet access
d. Physical and Virtual Server data attacks
6. How many physical and virtual servers do you maintain?
7. Are your security packages provided by your Internet Service Provider?
8. How is network intrusion reported to the school?
9. If your firewall/router fails what is the SLA on having it fixed or replaced?
10. Do you utilise an Internet filtering service?
11. Do you operate any youtube controls?
12. Do you operate any google search controls?
13. When was your last vulnerability/penetration test?
14. Which (if any) Framework did you utilise to acquire your connectivity and/or security package(s)?

Yours faithfully,

Jeff Kenyon

Dean, Amanda,

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Dear Mr Kenyon
Please find attached our response to your recent request for information. 

Kind regards,

Amanda Dean

Data Protection Officer and Programme Manager


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