conditions when council passed on houses to wirral wirral PARTNERSHIP HOMES

pt ogorman made this Freedom of Information request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
WIRRAL PARTNERSHIP HOMES now trading as magenta living are trying to rent 3bedroom houses as private landlords when they are still a housing assoction are there any covenents on these propertys as they were given free of charge.and so are council houses yours pt ogorman

Yours faithfully, Patrick Terence ogorman

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Mr O'Gorman

Thank you for your recent request made under the Freedom of Information
Act. Please find Wirral Borough Council’s response provided by Strategic
Housing as follows:

We have checked with Wirral Partnership Homes (T/A Magenta Living) and can
confirm that they are not currently letting any of their properties as
private landlords.  We are however aware that Magenta Living are working
with the housing organisation Torus to set up a company which will be
known as Bamboo Lettings, and that this company will let private rented
properties once it has been set up. 


We have contacted Magenta Living and have been informed that it is planned
that any profits raised through this company will help to fund Magenta
Living in developing properties to rent, as Housing Associations need to
look for new ways to fund their development programmes in light of the
removal of government grant subsidies.   If you require further
information about Bamboo Lettings, you would need to contact Magenta
Living.  Ways to contact Magenta Living can be found by clicking this
link: [1] 


In terms of any covenants placed on the properties at the time of stock
transfer to Wirral Partnership Homes, in order to provide a comprehensive
response to you, our solicitor has checked through the transfer documents,
and provided the attached document which includes all covenants included
in the transfer documentation for your information.


We trust that you find this information of assistance.


Yours sincerely,


Tracy O'Hare

Information Management Officer

Records and Information Management

Legal and Member Services

Transformation and Resources

Wallasey Town Hall

Brighton Street
CH44 8ED 

[2]Tel:0151 691 8397

Transformation and Resources

[3][Wirral Borough Council request email]



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