Conditions of Bank Bailout.

Office of Government Commerce did not have the information requested.

Dear Office of Government Commerce,

I wondered if you could supply me with the conditions the UK Government laid out before proceeding with the bailout of the banking industry. Also if you could provide information as to the organisation which have fulfilled those set conditions and those who have not I would be very grateful.

Yours faithfully,


Bird, Caroline - Cabinet Office,

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your enquiry to the Service Desk.

I have forwarded your request to the Cabinet Office FOI team who will send
you a formal acknowledgement.

Kind regards,
Caroline Bird
Service Desk Agent
Marketing and Communications
Rosebery Court
Efficiency & Reform Group, Cabinet Office
St Andrews Business Park
Norwich NR7 0HS
Fax: 01603 704904

For all Service Desk Enquiries:
Tel: 0845 000 4999 / GTN: 3040 4999
email: [1][email address]

Website: [2]

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Office of Government Commerce

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Dear Jack

Thank you for your request for information. Your request was received
on 15^th July 2011 and is being dealt with under the terms of the Freedom
of Information Act 2000.

This email is just a short acknowledgement of your request.

If you have any queries about this email, please contact me. Please
remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications.

Yours sincerely,

Knowledge and Information Management Unit

Cabinet Office

E: [email address]
<mailto:[email address]>

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Carrod, Ruth - Cabinet Office,

Dear Jack

Thank you for your request below.

The Freedom of Information Act (the Act) requires requesters to provide
their name in order for the request to be valid (section 8(1)(b). The
Information Commissioner's guidance states that a request has to provide a
name sufficient to identify the applicant, as follows:

Title and/or first name with surname satisfies the requirement for
provision of a real name, as does the use by a female applicant of her
maiden name. The prime consideration is whether enough of a person's full
name has been provided to give a reasonable indication of that person's


As your request identifies you only by a first name your request is not
valid under the Act and the Cabinet Office will not be processing it

Outside of the Act, I can tell you that the information you requested is
not held by the Cabinet Office. You may wish to make a request to HM
Treasury (giving your full name), although I cannot guarantee that the
Treasury will disclose to you any information they may hold. Details of
how to request information from the Treasury are at:


With regards

Ruth Carrod


Ruth Carrod LLM | Knowledge and Information Management Unit | Cabinet
Office | Rosebery Court St Andrew's Business Park Norwich NR7 0HS | Tel:
+44 (0) 1603 704877

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