Computer Science Admissions Statistics

The request was successful.

Dear Trinity College, Cambridge,

I refer you to Sean Andrews's request on the 12 February 2016. I would like to make the same request for the current admissions cycle:

"I am making a request regarding the statistics for Computer Science (G400) undergraduate applicants in the current cycle.

Please provide for each applicant the following data in a single table with one row per applicant, and columns contain the following data:

* an indicator of the country of the applicant (UK, EU, International, etc.) and applicants grouped by countries (e.g. Country 1, 2, ...)
* the option chosen from the SAQ (CompSci 75% Option, CompSci with Maths, CompSci with Natural Sciences, etc.)
* the UMS of the applicant, if applicable
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant was called for interview
* each interviewer's (eg. if there are two interviewers, then two columns) interview grade for the interviewee (1-10, with NA to indicate if no interview)
* a yes/no to indicate if offer was made
* an option to indicate the type of offer (conditional or unconditional or NA to indicate no offer)
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant was pooled
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant has received offer from the pool, for the pooled applicants"

Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,

James Harrison

Trinity College Senior Bursar's Office, Trinity College, Cambridge

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Dear Mr Harrison,

I refer to your Freedom of Information request dated 15th January 2018. I am the Freedom of Information Officer at Trinity College, Cambridge.

The information you requested is attached.

Should you have any queries or complaints about this reply you may write to the Junior Bursar, Mr AJP Bourne at Trinity College, Cambridge. Any complaint should be in writing and should set out clearly the grounds for such complaint. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome, you have the right of appeal to the information commissioner.

Yours sincerely,

Rory Landman

Rory Landman, Senior Bursar
Trinity College, Cambridge CB2 1TQ
Direct: 01223 338507 Fax: 01223 566033
email: [Trinity College, Cambridge request email]

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