Compliance choice: RVAR2010 or PRM-TSI?

Doug Paulley made this Freedom of Information request to Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

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Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee did not have the information requested.

Dear Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee,

My understanding is that on significant modification and in any case by 2020 (barring dispensations), heavy rail stock built before 1998 and in use on Network Rail lines will have to be compliant with either PRM-TSI or RVAR2010. TOCs / ROSCOs have discretion as to which they choose to comply with. My understanding is that TOCs are mostly choosing to comply with PRM-TSI as parts for such are produced in greater bulk and are thus cheaper per unit.

Please can you tell me how many vehicles TOCs have chosen to upgrade to RVAR2010 as opposed to PRM-TSI? If you don't have this information, please can you tell me who might have it, and/or what information you do hold in this area? Also if my understanding is incorrect please can you correct me?

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Doug Paulley

DPTAC Enquiries, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

Dear Mr Paulley

Thank you for your information request.

The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee is a committee that advises the Government on issues regarding accessibility. It does not hold any of the information you have requested and are therefore not able to supply anything.

I would suggest you contact the Train Service Strategy Team at the Department for Transport directly to request the information.

Best Regards


Dawn Lincoln | Support to Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee

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