Complete Non-Residential / Business Property Rates Data

Gavin Chait made this Freedom of Information request to Wrexham County Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Wrexham County Borough Council,

In terms of the Freedom of Information Act of 2000, could you please provide me with a complete and up-to-date list of all business (non-residential) property rates data for Wrexham County Borough Council, and including the following fields:

- Billing Authority Code
- Firm's Trading Name (i.e. property occupant)
- Full Property Address (Number, Street, Postal Code, Town)
- Occupied / Vacant
- Date of Occupation / Vacancy
- Actual annual rates charged (in Pounds)

I appreciate that properties owned / rented by individuals are personal information and such personal data (i.e. the Firm's Trading Name) would be excluded from my request in terms of Section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. In such cases, please provide the remaining information with the Firm's Trading Name either blank or listed as 'individual'.

Please provide this as machine-readable as either a CSV or Microsoft Excel file, capable of re-use, and under terms of the Open Government Licence. I will be matching the billing authority code to the Valuations Office master list, so please ensure that the code is correctly formatted.

I am compiling a comprehensive time-series database of business activity across the UK and will require the dataset updated on a quarterly basis. Some 20% of local authorities already provide this dataset (and a total of 30% of local authorities provide a subset of these data) on a monthly to quarterly basis on a dedicated page on their websites or on an open data service. I would appreciate it if you could do the same.

Thank you and kind regards

Gavin Chait

foi, Wrexham County Borough Council

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[Subject only] RE: Freedom of Information request - Complete Non-Residential / Business Property Rates Data - Our Ref FOI5686

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foi, Wrexham County Borough Council

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Dear Mr Chait


Please see attached






Alison Hayes

Administrative Assistant, Office Support Services/Cynorthwyydd Gweinyddol,
Gwasanaethau Cymorth Swyddfa

Corporate and Customer Services Department/Adran Gwasanaethau
Corfforaethol a Chwsmeriaid

Fax 01978 292207 - DX  721924 - Wrexham 4


[1]Description: Description: Description:
Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D12868.DFDFC8F0  01978 292167

[3]Description: Description: Description:  Wrexham County Borough
Council, Guildhall, Wrexham LL11 1AY

[4]Description: Description: Description:  Cyngor Bwrdeistref
Sirol Wrecsam, Neuadd y Dref, Wrecsam LL11 1AY                           

[5]Description: Description: Description: |

[8]Description: Description: Description:
 [9] | [10]

[11]Description: Description: Description:
| [13]


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Dear foi,

Thank you for the data, however, I do intend to use these data commercially.

The purpose of our use of the data requested is in informing entrepreneurs and business seekers about opportunities in empty premises when they are advertised for new tenants. Further details on our activities are available at, but our activity is supported by the Open Data Institute and we have received funding from the EU Open Data Incubator to develop this service.

According to the Information Commissioners Office, "RPSI is intended to encourage re-use of public sector information" - In addition, organisations "may impose conditions on re-use but the conditions must be as open and non-restrictive as possible. The easiest way to do this is to use the Open Government Licence."

Could you please advise if you are able to release these under the UK Open Government License so that I am able to republish?

Yours sincerely,

Gavin Chait

Gareth Elton left an annotation ()

Please note, this data is actually only as of January 12 2015 - a whole year behind. I have a more recent version of this data on my own FOI page, though a current one is definitely needed. I phoned Wrexham council about this myself but as the original requester listed here, Gavin may have more luck than I did.