Complete 2020 Mortality by all lead cause groupings

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Dear Office for National Statistics,

I am aware of this data set:
“Death registrations not involving coronavirus (COVID-19): England and Wales”

Could you please supply a complete set for the entirety of 2020:

• “ALL” deaths registered in England and Wales, registrations by underlying cause of death using leading cause groupings.
• Please supply the information in the same manner as the above example,
and 5 year average 2015-2019 for equivalent weeks.
• I request that there be no exclusions in the data whatsoever,
In layman's terms, “kit and caboodle” version.

Further clarification, please provide the data including the ICD 10 definitions of COVID-19 U07.1, U07.2, meningitis and meningococcal diseases (A39), sepsis due to haemophilus influenzae (A41.3), rabies (A82), certain mosquito-borne diseases (A83) and yellow fever (A95) which you had previously omitted from the dataset.

As a separate request. For the year 2020 only.
As you would find provided on NOMIS, Office labour market statistics,
life events, “Mortality statistics – underlying cause…”

• All lead cause totals for England and Wales separately, by lead cause grouping.

As clarification. Totals of deaths by Lead cause of death ONLY.
In layman's terms, this would provide a single lead cause per death.

I realise that the data supplied may be provisional at this time and that there my be delays in some death registration at the time of these requests.

Yours Faithfully,

Rose Williams.,

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