Complaints of Serco Run Prisons

The request was successful.

Dear Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons,

I understand that you are currently not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, and wont be until October.

However, I feel it's always good to get the ball rolling...

Could you please provide details of complaints your department has received in relation to prisons operated by the Serco Group.

I thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,

craig jones

HMI Prisons Enquiries, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

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Dear Craig

Thank you for your enquiry. Whilst not formally bound by FoI requests, we have always sought to be as open and transparent as possible when receiving requests for information.

We do not receive official complaints relating to prisons. However, the Chief Inspector does receive correspondence from amongst others, prisoners, their families and legal representatives in which concerns might be raised. The details of the correspondence received are used to inform our intelligence on establishments we are intending to inspect and we commenced logging the details in a database in June of this year. Based upon our database, there have been 2 complaints lodged with us relating to SERCO operated establishments. (See attached.)

In addition to the correspondence received, all of our inspection reports contain a section entitled "Applications and Complaints" where you will find further details regarding SERCO establishments.

Reports on the SERCO establishments: HMP's Ashfield, Doncaster (including a Youth Offenders Institution), Dovegate and Lowdham Grange can all be viewed via our web pages at:

Yours sincerely

Lesley Young
Head of Finance, HR and Admin
HM Inspectorate of Prisons
1st Floor, Ashley House
2 Monck Street
London SW1P 2BQ

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