Chris O'connor Smith.

Dear General Medical Council,
How many complaints have their been made against ATOS Healthcare specifically relating to medicals conducted for the DWP pertaining to incapacity benefit(ib) and employment and support allowance(esa).
How many complaints have been upheld(in favour of the complainant) pertaining to esa and ib medicals conducted by ATOS healthcare.
How many complaints against ATOS healthcare pertaining to the above medicals have been dismissed by the GMC as vexatious

Yours faithfully,

Chris O'Connor Smith.

Angela Key, General Medical Council

Our Ref: F10/3335/EH

Dear Mr O'Connor Smith

Information Request

Thank you for your email of 24 October in which you request information in
accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000

We will consider your request and you will normally receive the
information you seek within the 20 working day limit set by the FOIA.

The FOIA lists a number of exemptions that may prevent the release of
part, or all, of the information that you have requested. We will make an
assessment of the requested information and if it is subject to an
exemption you will be informed of this, together with details of your
right of appeal.

Your request has been allocated to Elizabeth Hiley. If you have any
queries concerning your request you can contact Ms Hiley on 0161 923 6314
or 0161 923 6314.

Yours sincerely

Angela Key

Information Access Team Administrator

0161 923 6365

[email address]

General Medical Council

3 Hardman Street


M3 3AW

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Elizabeth Hiley \(0161 923 6314\), General Medical Council

Dear Mr O'Connor Smith

Thank you for your email below.

I must confirm that we do not hold the information you have requested;
the GMC does not deal with complaints about healthcare organisations,
but rather considers concerns raised about the fitness to practise of
individual doctors.

If you are in fact interested in the number of complaints received about
individual doctors in relation to their work for ATOS we would be able
to consider this further.

I should explain that we do not record information regarding complaints
in a way that would enable us to directly extract this information from
our system. However, we may be able to use a combination of electronic
and manual searches in order to identify any relevant complaints. If you
did intend your request to relate to complaints made about individual
doctors please clarify your request and I will make some further

If you have any concerns regarding the handling of this request please
contact Julian Graves, Information Access Manager, at [email address]

Yours sincerely

Elizabeth Hiley
Information Access Officer
Tel no: 0161 923 6314
Email: [email address]

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