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jooms made this Freedom of Information request to The Ombudsman Service Limited
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

Waiting for an internal review by The Ombudsman Service Limited of their handling of this request.

Dear The Ombudsman Service Limited,

Please tell me how many complaints have been made to your office about BT broadband technical advice services and what proportion of your total investigations do they constitute?

Will you also tell me how many complaints have been made to your office in total over the last 3 years and of these how many have been in favour of complainants and how many of your decisions have not been accepted by complainants?

Yours faithfully,

J. Ooms

Dear The Ombudsman Service Limited,

I am contacting you again to remind you that you are now late in providing me with the information that I requested concerning the number of complaints your office has received about BT broadband services and its technical advice service. I would imagine that these basic details are routinely recording and easily accessed should the Information Commissioner want to check?
I think that you are under a legal obligation to reply to my request within a given time period?

I would be pleased if you would review your internal procedures for dealing with information requests and, if necessary, why you are unable to provide me with this information.

Yours faithfully,


Dear jooms,

Thank you for making an enquiry about Ombudsman Services under the
Freedom of Information Act.

We are a not for profit private limited company and therefore we
are not subject to the conditions of the Freedom of Information

Whilst we are unable to provide company specific data, there is
statistical information in our annual reports, these are published
on our website at:

Ombudsman Services provides an independent, impartial and cost
effective means of resolving disputes outside the courts. Our role
is to give an impartial and independent review of complaints. We
operate under appropriate legislation and regulatory authority.

Yours Sincerely

Rachel Chorley Policy and Communications

Dear Rachel Chorley

your published statistics do not provide the information that I asked for.

I wonder why the Ombudsman is so secretive about such information?

I notice that for the years 2010/11 you record 100% resolution of complaints. Until mine has been investigated thoroughly it will not be resolved and you will, of course, record it as such in your statistics?

Yours faithfully,


enquiries, The Ombudsman Service Limited


Dear Jooms


Thank you for your email of 20 April 2012


Ombudsman Services does not currently publish company specific complaints.


However Ofcom the independent regulator for the UK telecoms industry
publishes details on customer satisfaction with UK providers and complaint
statistics. It’s Industry wide statistics can be found at





To clarify, figures in our annual report 2010/11 which you refer to relate
to those complaints where the consumer accepted our resolution.


In a small number of cases the consumer may reject our recommendations and
pursue their complaint elsewhere, also some may drop out of the process
before we make our final decision.


I hope that this clarifies your query regarding the resolved complaints
statistics. If you have any outstanding issues regarding a case we have
investigated for you please contact the investigating officer quoting your
reference number on [2][email address]


Our annual report for 2011/12 will be published on 17 July 2012.





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Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730, Warrington , WA4 6WU

May 10, 2012

Dear Mr Fox

Case Ref 743637

In response to your letter of 25th April received today, you should know that the information I requested is not on your website. It seems strange that you are unable to tell me how many complaints have been made against BT Broadband services.

You continue to misunderstand the nature of my complaint. I suspect that this is because you have not ascertained the facts pertaining to the complaint.
I made known to you the 2nd episode of my problems with BT Broadband telephone help services early this year to show you that I was having the exact same problems as with my 1st complaint and after Mr McDonald (BT Digital Care Team Manager) wrote to me on 23rd Oct 2011 saying that he had arranged training for the individual concerned.
Firstly, the problem was with every individual I spoke to and not just one person.
Secondly, the problem with the BT broadband help service staff still remained several months after my complaint.
I feel that BT is ‘scapegoating’ an unfortunate individual (whoever he or she is) for following BT procedures and that you are doing nothing to dissuade BT from possible victimisation of one of its employees.
I suggest that BT will continue to provide this cheaper ineffectual "service" and the small levels of compensation it is required to pay from time to time to dissatisfied customers will not encourage this company to improve its service. Since you do not seem to keep records and BT is unlikely to reveal their complaints, nobody will ever know.

Yes, BT improved my Broadband service eventually, and I suspect only because I had referred my complaint to the Ombudsman but I would point out that I have been paying full Broadband subscriptions for years for an incomplete service and my several requests to BT over the years to upgrade my telephone line were ignored. Perhaps you should be asking BT about this?

About your investigation to my complaint, perhaps you could, as evidence that you have investigated, tell me how many phone calls I made, how many people I spoke to, and how long I spent on the phone about the breakdown of my Broadband Home hub? All you have done is recommend to me the compensation that BT had already offered me.

Since you cannot supply information about BTbroadband complaints, did not investigate my own complaint, and cannot regulate BT, I do not understand what purpose you serve. Who regulates you?

You have given me 7 days to respond to your Final Decision. Is this from the time I received this letter or from the date it was written?
At present I cannot accept your decision. And if you experienced what I had, neither would you.

By the way, did you read my email to you of 4th April? And just for your information and just like several times previously, I never received a response to my online communication to BT (reference number is 120418-008164 18 April). It seems the procedure for complaining is just designed to waste complainants’ time and discourage customers from complaining!

I am amassing a sizeable volume of correspondence on this one case that could and should have been sorted out after one phone call. Perhaps you can ask BT to explain to me why I had to phone so many times?

Yours sincerely
Jan Ooms

Copy to:
Sir Michael Rake, Chairman, BT Group plc, BT Centre, 81 Newgate Street, London, EC1A 7AJ

Dear Mr Fox

Your Ref 743637

Thank you for your letter of 31st May.

I maintain my decision not to accept your judgement until you can provide evidence to me that you have investigated my complaint.

I have been advised by Ofcom (Ref 11001432 13th June) that I may appeal your judgement. You have in numerous communications said that your judgement was final and have never advised me of my right to an appeal.

I have sent the following to Ofcom

The Ombudsman has not provided me with sufficient evidence that it has investigated my complaint about BT. It has accepted, without, investigation the inadequate compensation that BT has offered me and has not advised BT to change working practices that led to the complaint. This Ombudsman is not independent and not fit for purpose.
Their Reference No 743637.
Your Ref 11001432