Complaint ref Galgorm resort (gillies bar) Fri 13th Jan

Andy Mac made this Freedom of Information request to Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

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The request was successful.

Dear Equality Commission for Northern Ireland,

Hi there,

My name is Andy Mac and my band was playing in Gillies bar at the Galgorm Resort & Spa on Friday 13th Jan 2017. We played our gig from 10.30-1am and everything went really good. The manager and bar staff agreed that we had a great night.

However, the next day they received an email from a guest that was staying in the resort. The email stated that the guest was upset as she heard the band make a homophobic remark. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Around 12.55am a customer under the influence of alcohol did shout something very homophobic and our guitar player replied with words that defended the gay community.

We have been working in entertainment for a long time and would never ever say anything that would offend anyone. We have also played in the Galgorm for yrs and never ever had a complaint against us. We are a very professional outfit!

I'm obviously very upset about this, as reputation is everything in the entertainment business. We have also been told that we will no longer play there over this and thats very unfair to us.

I honestly think the complainant has maybe heard the customer shouting the homophobic remark and thought it was us or has took our guitar players remarks out of context.

The reason for this request is to see if a complaint has infact been made to yourselves.

Yours faithfully,

Andy Mac

ECNI_Information, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland acknowledges receipt of your
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Eoin ONeill, Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

Dear Sir

The Equality Commission has not received a complaint in relation to this incident.

Yours faithfully
Eoin O'Neill
DPA/FOI Officer
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland

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