Complaining about the conduct of Great Yarmouth Charter Academy

The request was successful.

Dear Inspiration Trust,

I have a query regarding procedures within the trust:

If a parent has evidence that discipline at one of your schools is not enforced in a reasonable, fair and proportionate manner (as referred to in numerous government publications), how should parents proceed/ complain, bearing in mind that the school REFUSES to communicate with them?

Could you provide me with a contact within the trust that handles formal complaints against the conduct of one of your schools?

Yours faithfully,

Karin Siemund

James Goffin, Inspiration Trust

Dear Ms Siemund,
I acknowledge receipt of your request.
All schools within the Inspiration Trust follow a common complaints
policy. This can be found on the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy website
at: [1]
We encourage complaints to be raised informally at the first instance, as
this is normally the quickest way to resolve any issues. The next stage
would be a written complaint to the principal or chair of governors at the
school. Failing that, our head of governance will review where a complaint
has not been resolved; their contact details are contained in the
complaints policy and below.
Complaints will normally only be considered from those with a direct
interest in the matter, and not from third parties.
While not part of your request, you may be interested to know that Ofsted
recently carried out an unannounced visit to Great Yarmouth Charter
Academy during which they considered concerns raised by a small number of
parents, saying: "Some parents expressed concern that a rigid application
of the rules might punish, unfairly, pupils who have SEN and/or
disabilities who are unable to follow particular instructions. Other
parents were anxious that a rule designed to keep pupils within the
classroom whenever possible would prevent pupils with medical needs from
visiting the toilet during lesson time. You have ensured that the text of
the policy makes clear to staff that they must be flexible when applying
it. Teachers and pupils told inspectors that in their view, the behaviour
policy is applied with due regard to individual needs. Such an approach
was evident during the inspection. Governors have considered carefully
each of the small number of concerns about the application of the
behaviour policy that individual parents have asked them to investigate."
The full report letter can be found on the Charter website
here: [2]
I trust this satisfies your request. If you are unhappy with the response
provided, you may ask for an internal review. To request an internal
review, please write to:
Head of Governance
Inspiration Trust
Weights and Measures Building
28 Bethel Street
giving the reasons for your dissatisfaction.
If you do not agree with the outcome of the internal review, you may lodge
an appeal with the Information Commissioner ([3] The
Information Commissioner can consider complaints about any
aspect of the way in which requests for information have been handled,
however the Information Commissioner would be unlikely to consider your
complaint if you have not first requested an internal review.
You can write to the Information Commissioner at:
Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Yours faithfully,
James Goffin

Head of Communications

Inspiration Trust

28 Bethel Street

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