Competitive tendering and OJEU relating to the outsourcing of IW fire control to Surrey.

The request was successful.

Dear Isle of Wight Council,

At the full council meeting On Wednesday 15th June 2011 the following question was asked from the public gallery

"Can you please explain why the contract to outsource the Island's emergency control did not also go through a competitive tendering process, nor was it advertised in the Official Journal of the European Community?"

The chairman directed the question to Cllr Abraham, who was unable to respond. The Chairman informed the public that a written response would be made and offered a supplementary Question. The member of the public replied:

'I am fully aware that Section 16 of the Fire & Rescue Services Act 2004 contains a provision which may permit a local fire & rescue authority (FRA) to enter into an arrangement to discharge a function to another FRA. However, as I am sure you are aware, domestic legislation such as the FRA cannot be used to allow a contracting authority to escape its advertising obligations.'

Could you please provide me with the following information relating to that question and supplementary point.

1. Had any advice been sought from within the council prior to this question being asked on the legality of avoiding going through a competitive tendering process and advertising obligations?

2. To be able to provide the written response offered by the chairman, was legal advice subsequently sought from within the Council?

3. To be able to provide the written response offered by the chairman, was legal advice subsequently sought from any other source?

4. To be able to provide the written response offered by the chairman, has advice been sought from any other source?

5. Can you please provide me with the information which was sought and received from questions 1-4.

If you need any clarification or further information relating to my questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Rogers

Cleary, Sarah, Isle of Wight Council

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Dear Sarah Rogers

Re: Information Request CRM Ref. iw11/6/33680

Thank you for your information request dated 23 June 2011.

After giving careful consideration to your request I am able to respond in
part by providing you with some of the information you are seeking. Please
find attached a copy of the information I am able to supply in respect of
this aspect of your request.

Unfortunately, the Council is not able to give you the rest of the
information for the reasons detailed in the refusal notice enclosed.

Most of the information that we provide in response to Freedom of
Information Act requests will be subject to copyright protection. In most
cases the copyright will be owned by the Isle of Wight Council. The
copyright in other information may be owned by another person, or
organisation, as indicated on the information itself.

You are free to use any information supplied for your own, non-commercial
research, or private study purposes. The information may also be used for
any other purpose allowed by a limitation, or exception, in copyright law,
such as news reporting. However, any other type of re-use, for example by
publishing the information in analogue or digital form, including on the
internet, will require the permission of the copyright owner.

For information where the copyright is owned by the Council, details of
the conditions on re-use can be found on our website at

For information where the copyright is owned by another person or
organisation you must apply to the copyright owner to obtain their

If you have any complaints in respect of your information request, please
write to the Corporate Information Unit at the above address, or complete
the on-line appeals form that can be found at
If your complaint is not resolved to your complete satisfaction, you have
the ultimate right, once you have exhausted the internal appeals process,
to appeal to the Information Commissioner.

Yours sincerely

Sarah Cleary | Finance Officer & Deputy Information Guardian | Isle of
Wight Fire & Rescue Service

St Nicholas | 58 St Johns Road | Newport | Isle of Wight PO30 1LT

Tel: external (01983) 823099 internal ext 8191

Email: sarah.cleary[1] | Web: [2]

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