Company check

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Cambridgeshire County Council should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Cambridgeshire County Council,
Under freedom of information please confirm Ms Gillian Beasly has no affiliation with this company registration : 452717 as purported via company check .
The council information team have already confirmed that this registration number is not listed via companies house.

(Sadly council staff appear to believe the information registered on company check is inaccurate, if this were the case im sure the information would or should have been rectified by now, if not by the council then you would think the local MPs / cheif constables / court mangers / head teachers would have this rectified.

Unfortunately this is indicative of most if not all the alleged “public services” purported to be paid for via council/ income tax i.e police , fire , council ,schools, MPs , ICO ,etc
It also appears evry MP, council, police station ,court house in the uk also has a listing, not registered to companies house which is indicative of Tax avoidance/evasion, when the chief executives / senior executives ( MPs ) are contacted in relation to these matters they don’t respond and become rather evasive, i don’t believe this to be the behaviour or characteristics of a public servant or a public authority.

I believe this is the reason Cambridge county council management team are evading the issue as misrepresentation in public office equates to Purjury. Wich would mean your mangement team are complicit in criminal acts, via misrepresentation.)

If the county and district council are stating that the ceo has no knowledge of this registration linked to off shore tax havens , and that members of the publics personal data is not being procesd via this company then please do so, as thus far when asked to confirm this under full commercial and unlimited personal liability (purjury) Gillian and chris are unable to provide any response...

Yours faithfully,

michael john