Community Benefits/Social Value in Procurement

The request was successful.

Dear Culture and Sport Glasgow,
Good Afternoon,

I am making a request under the Freedom of Information Act in relation to Community Benefits/Social Value in Procurement and would be obliged if you could provide a response to the following:

1) Organisation Name
2) Please provide details of the Name and Email of Lead Officer with responsibility for Community Benefits in your organisation.
3) Do you currently have a system/database for monitoring and recording community benefits delivered as part of your contract portfolio?
4) What kind of recording system/database do you have (eg: Excel spreadsheet, access database, third party software)?
5) Can you provide a copy template/screen dump or extract of the key reporting fields please?
6) If you use third party software can you provide the name of the system?
7) If you use third party software have you had to bespoke this to suit your requirements?
8) Are the Community Benefits voluntary/mandatory or both?
9) How often do you monitor delivery of Community Benefits eg: weekly, monthly?
10) Do you associate a value/cost to each Community Benefit?
11) What categories of benefits do you currently capture, please tick all that apply and provide details of any other additional benefits, which you capture:

Number of full time equivalent (FTE) employment opportunities created
Number of NON-LOCAL full time equivalent (FTE) employment opportunities created
Number of LOCAL full time equivalent (FTE) employment opportunities created
Number of full time equivalent (FTE) hires of those who were previously unemployed
Number of full time equivalent (FTE) hires from groups who face barriers to employment
Number of apprenticeship opportunities created
Number of apprenticeship opportunities completed
Number of apprenticeship weeks delivered
Number of training opportunities created, other than apprentices
Number of training opportunities completed, other than apprentices
Number of training hours completed on formal training opportunities
Number of weeks of work experience or work placements completed
Number of disabled people on apprenticeship schemes
Number of disabled people on other training schemes under the contract
Number of people-hours spent supporting local community integration, such as volunteering and other community-led initiatives
Number of people-hours of mentoring delivered
Number of people hours of mock interviews, CV writing, careers advice delivered
Number of people hours spent on Education Engagement activities with schools or higher
education facilities
Site Visits by Schools - Number of persons
Site Visits by Colleges - Number of persons
Supply Chain Briefings - Number of persons
Community Donations - £
Community Fundraising - £
** Note – there may be slight differences in terminology but measurable outcome is the same
12) Do you experience issues collecting and reporting Community Benefit information? What are these if applicable?
13) What do you consider the main advantages and disadvantages of Community Benefits monitoring and reporting?
14) Do you believe that suppliers add costs of Community Benefits to their tender cost submissions and do you have any evidence/examples to demonstrate this?
15) Do you think it would be beneficial to your organisation if the Scottish Government introduced a standard set of Community Benefit metrics?
16) Do you or are you considering using the TOMS framework for measuring Community Benefits?
17) Do you use a different measurement framework eg: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?
18) Do you collect data on any Community Wealth Building Pledges? If yes, can you provide details of the pledges?
19) Do you collect data in regards to sustainability/carbon measures? If yes, can you provide details of any metrics you report against?
20) Do you currently monitor and record Fair Work Practices/Fair Work First criteria? If yes, what metrics and if no what metrics would you like to capture?
21) If you were offered the opportunity to assist in the development of a system, which would allow you to shape the requirements, content and design - would you be an interested participant?

Name of Officer Completing Questionnaire

May I take this opportunity to thank you for providing a response to the above.

Yours faithfully,

J McLean

Yours faithfully,

J McLean

GL Freedom of Information, Culture and Sport Glasgow

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