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Fri 23/12/2022 14:59 
Steedman N (Nicola) (DCMO) 
FW: NHS Scotland Pathway for Trans Healthcare 
To: [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)]; [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
Cc: Deputy Chief Medical Officers 
[Redacted - s.38(1)(b)], [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] -I presume you will have already 
received these, but just in case not… 
CMO considering these of course. 
With warm regards, 
Professor Nicola Steedman 
Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government 
Honorary Professor, Glasgow Caledonian University 
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[Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
From: [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] on Behalf Of Chief Medical Officer 
Sent: 20 December 2022 15:28 
To: Deputy Chief Medical Officer 
Subject: FW: NHS Scotland Pathway for Trans Healthcare 
For Nicola’s awareness please. 
Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
From: [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
Sent: 20 December 2022 14:29 
To: Chief Medical Officer 
Cc: [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)]; [Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
Subject: NHS Scotland Pathway for Trans Healthcare 
Dear colleagues, 
Please find attached the outcome of the work you requested NHS National Services Scotland to 
undertake to refresh the previous Gender Reassignment Protocol. This was undertaken with the 

support of a wide group of professionals and those with lived experience in this area, independently 
chaired by Miles Mack.  
I have attached: 
•  An updated document now titled the NHS Scotland Pathway for Trans Healthcare 
•  Further information resources with examples of good practice that may be useful to make 
available to those looking to implement the Pathway in due course 
•  Suggestions for further action that arose from the discussions within the group are provided 
for your consideration, though it is recognised that this was out with the scope of the work 
you requested 
I hope you find these resources helpful. If you have any queries or I can be of any further assistance 
with this please don’t hesitate to be in touch. 
Best wishes, 
[Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
[Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
[Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
National Specialist and Screening Services (NSD) 
NHS National Services Scotland 
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[Redacted - s.38(1)(b)] 
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