Common Purpose and Invoices

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Dear Birmingham City Council,

Dear Sir or Madam

Please detail total expenditure by Birmingham City Council on 'Common Purpose' courses for each of the following years: 2008, 2009, and 2010 to date.

Please also supply a copy of the invoice for each Common Purpose course paid for by Birmingham City Council.

Also if it is possible, please include information on how long each delegate who attended the course had been in the employment of Birmingham City council.

By "Common Purpose", I mean the training organisation of that name:

Yours faithfully,


Birmingham City Council

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Dear Mr Houghton

Please see the attached for your Freedom of Information request.

(See attached file: James-Andrew Houghton.doc)

Yours sincerely

Corporate Information Governance Team

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Open up - or face court, council told

Saturday 26th December 2009
TOWN Hall chiefs have been threatened with High Court action amid claims they have breached the Freedom of Information Act.
Bolton Council is refusing to divulge the names of officers who attended a training course which cost taxpayers almost £30,000.

Now Deputy Information Commissioner David Smith has issued a decision notice against the authority telling it to open up - or face being held in contempt of court. Breightmet resident

John Greenwood submitted a Freedom of Information request in April asking for details of how much the council had spent with Common Purpose, copies of invoices and the names of officers who had received training from the not-forprofit organisation.