Commissioning services for diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders

Daniel Brady made this Freedom of Information request to NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group as part of a batch sent to 27 authorities

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NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group did not have the information requested.

Dear NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group,

Does the CCG commission services that provide a specific diagnostic pathway for children within your CCG for each of the following conditions:
1) Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
2) Autism Spectrum Disorder
3) Developmental Coordination Disorder/Developmental Dyspraxia
4) Developmental Dyscalculia
5) Developmental Dyslexia
6) Specific language impairment/Developmental language disorder

If so, could you provide details for which NHS trust or trusts you commission these services from?

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Brady

FOI (NHS TRAFFORD CCG), NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group

I am writing to acknowledge your recent request for information under the
Freedom of Information Act 2000.
NHS Trafford CCG will respond to your request within 20 working days
(working days within the NHS refers to Monday to Friday, excluding bank
holidays). If NHS Trafford CCG is unable to provide the requested
information we will write to you explaining the reason why.
If we were to require more information from you regarding your request
we will, as part of the process send you a FOI Monitor Form which we will
ask you to complete and return within 2 working days in order to process
your request, and this will be sent separately.
Please contact me on 0161 873 6093  if you have any queries regarding the
Yours sincerely
Liz Walker
Governance Support Officer
NHS Trafford CCG
1st Floor Crossgate House
Cross Street
M33 7FT
Tel: 0161 873 6093 (internal DDI – 1193)
Email: [1][email address]

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FOI (NHS TRAFFORD CCG), NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group

Dear Daniel

NHS Trafford CCG does not hold this information. You can redirect your request to Trafford Council at the following email address:


FOI Team

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Thank you for your rapid response and suggesting who to contact to get the information sought.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Brady