CNWL's Self Assessment Reports for the last 5 years

The request was partially successful.

Dear College of North West London (CNWL),

I hereby make a Freedom of Information request to see CNWL's Self Assessment Reports.

I would like to see them for the last 5 years, including the latest one and the one Ofsted refers to below, please.

In CNWL's Ofsted report (2011), Ofsted talks of "the latest" self assessment report:
"Self-assessment is inclusive and detailed. Data are comprehensive, but not always used in sufficient detail to compare the college’s performance against similar colleges. The latest report did not identify some areas for improvement and was too generous in grading some of its provision."

It seems every college produces them e.g. City and Islington College make theirs available here:

CNWL's Curriculum and Standard minutes of 26.11.12 says:
"Self Assessment Report 2011/12
[ii] Self Assessment Report 2011/12
The Vice-Principal drew the Committee’s attention to the summary report that had been circulated and the proposed SAR gradings....The Committee NOTED the report as presented and the hard work of the staff that had gone into producing it.

Love from
Daniel B aka CNWLcanBgrade1

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CNWL's Ofsted report (2011) is available here:

The Curriculum and Standards minutes (26.11.12) are currently available on CNWL's website here:

Dear College of North West London,

Please only reply to this FOI request (for CNWL's Self Assessment Reports for the last 5 years) through the website

Yours faithfully,

Daniel Bird

Anna Openshaw,

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[Subject only] FW: Freedom of Information request - CNWL's Self Assessment Reports for the last 5 years

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Dear CNWL,

Thank you for these. Unfortunately, at least one is password protected and cannot be opened. I request that you provide openable reports.

Please can you answer these questions:
1) Have you unfairly censored/modified any information in the self assessment reports?

2) Is there any way of verifying the authenticity of the SARs?

3) Is there any further comment you wish to make regarding anything said in this message?

From Daniel B

Anna Openshaw,

Please note I am away from the office until Thursday 6th March. Please contact Jo Taylor ([email address]) on 5118 in my absence for any personnel queries or Nick Herbert ([email address]) on 5129 for any safeguarding queries.

Anna Openshaw,

Dear Mr Bird

I have checked the documents sent and cannot find one which is password protected. Please identify which document you are referring to.


Anna Openshaw

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