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Annonymous made this Freedom of Information request to Child Maintenance Service

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Dear Child Maintenance Service,

1. I’d like a breakdown of how many variation requests have been made to the CMS broken down by month if possible. From 2012-current date.

2. Of these requests I’d like a breakdown of the specific category they were considered under, for example additional, unearned, diversion.

3. Of these requests made, a breakdown of how many were accepted & actioned by CMS & if possible the specific grounds, for example additional, unearned, diversion.

4. Of these requests made that were refused, a breakdown of how many went on to HMCTS tribunal & if possible on what specific grounds.

Yours faithfully,

Claire Jones

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Dear Claire Jones
Please find attached our response to your recent Freedom of Information
Yours sincerely
DWP Central Freedom of Information Team

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Jo Archer left an annotation ()

This isn't adequate. They should have sent you the link to the published what used to be known as the Annual Report. But I seem to recall that they are no longer required to produce one. In any case, they do have some statistics which they have to submit to the National Audit Office. I'll try to find a link for you...

Jo Archer left an annotation ()

(Don't ask me why they are 'experimental'!!!)

And these were given as a response to Liz Saville-Roberts, M.P's Parliamentary Written Question, last Monday...

Jo Archer left an annotation ()

Look what I found! Their methodology... I suggest you give them some feedback ( and ask them to start collecting some meaningful data!

Jo Archer left an annotation ()

Sorry...getting carried away, here. But had no idea there was actually an Office for Statistics Regulation...I wonder to what extent they can force the government to collect data that actually answers pertinent questions, as opposed to making it look like their flawed policies are working.