CMS Gross Income miscalculation relating to pension payments

Sarah Coleman made this Freedom of Information request to Child Maintenance Service

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Dear Child Maintenance Service,

It is my understanding that following my findings, and our constant challenges with the CMS over my husband's maintenance calculation, that your policy and documentation regarding higher rate tax payers and pension contributions has recently been reviewed and amended.

Can you please provide both the old and new versions of the documentation and policy? Can you please confirm that the calculations of all of those effected will be reviewed, to correct present payments, and to ensure that overpayments are reimbursed?

Yours faithfully,

Sarah & John Coleman

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They will not want you to have this set of full policies and procedures:

Hope this helps

Voice of the Child

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Sarah Coleman
Please see copy of your FoI request attached

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Mr A.J. Wilson left an annotation ()

Sarah and John Coleman,

This looks like an interesting request although the responses and documentation provided do not appear to be substantively different.

Can you outline in an annotation where you have found errors in their treatment of your case?

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