Cllr O'Kane wearing overseas the former Mayors Medal / Medal subject of recent County Court Litigation.

The request was partially successful.

To: Marlene Jewell - Clerk of Whitehaven Town Council.

Dear Marlene,

I wish to refer you to this report in the Whitehaven News from which we see Whitehaven Town Council's former Mayor, Councillor O'Kane, in the USA meeting with a Civic dignitary. He was specifically meeting that dignitary as a Whitehaven Town Council "former" Mayor:

Minute 900/18 pf indicates that Whitehaven Town Council ‘resolved’ that the medal would only be used by the current Mayor and his/her partner – I draw to you attention, Councillor O'Kane is neither.

It appears that Councillor O'Kane is wearing the former Mayor's Medal the subject of recent Litigation in the County Court. In that Litigation Councillor Gill gave evidence under a Statement Of Truth that there is no former Mayor as such. Whitehaven Town Council defended that Litigation on the basis that it was wrong to have former Mayor's Regalia. Yet here we seem to have one of the Council's witnesses (Councillor O'Kane) in that litigation using the Regalia as a former Mayor.

Can Whitehaven Town Council please confirm and supply answers to the following information:

1. That the Medal worn by Councillor O'Kane, was the former Mayor's Medal which was the subject of that Litigation.

2. That there was Lawful approval granted by Whitehaven Town Council to him using that Medal for this overseas visit, as a former Mayor, and provide a copy of the decision by minute or decision record.

3. Was any Whitehaven Town Council funding involved in Councillor O'Kane's visit to the USA. If so, could you provide a copy of the decision by minute or decision record.

4. That taking the Medal overseas did not conflict with any Insurance policy relating to Civic Regalia.

5. That the Medal remains the property of Whitehaven Town Council, or that it is now the property of Councillor O'Kane.

Michael Guest.

Roger Probert left an annotation ()

I assume that you and the Town Council will be aware that the "Chain" worn by a civic dignitary is, legally, the outward sign of the civic office that person holds. It follows than that Councillor O'Kane, wearing that chain, is officially a civic dignitary of "Former Mayor". If no such official civic post exists then he was presenting a false illusion.......a sham...a charade...a pretence ...a deception. Yet you say that in litigation the Town Council claimed that there was no such civic dignitary position

On past performance the Town Council.Councillor acting illegally means that it will refuse to answer your FOI.

jayne laine left an annotation ()

Quick Quick ...... WTC dysfunctional Council will hold a special meeting soon no doubt to retrospectively..... retrospectively and retrospectively suspend any regulation that is floating about or one they can make up and make sure that Councillor OKane is in the right. Or any of them for that matter!!!

Wonder if Councillor Roberts will be wearing Councillor Gills suit this year 'past mayors suit, dear oh dear oh dear, after all..... the allowance was for 'expenses of office' or was that ' expenses in office?' No idea...... not even sure WTC know!

You couldn't make it up. Instead a civilian of our country, ex forces and fighter of the people, public decency and most honest man I know is left picking up over a 4k bill all because this sham dysfunctional Council wanted to play silly beggars and drag this through the courts.

Heaven forbid Councillor Gill is requested to hand over his Suit now he us not in office!!! I wonder what Councillor Okane bought and still uses with his allowance.....

Political Grandstanding at its finest. How any of them sleep at night I do not know. No human compassion ..... but then again, it was always about the politics.

Mike Guest ordered a DIE for the people of Whitehaven, accompanied with 2 medals. All out of his" taxable " allowance. The dysfunctional Council chose to delay it's purchase so that it fell out of his term of office , also the DIE which was for the people of this town was also not purchased by the incoming council.

Sick and twisted dysfunctional Council not in the best interests of the people at all, all for their own ego and glory. As for standing in America wearing a medal that he publically has whittered on about whilst it's rightful owner pays over 4k in costs and undergoes cancer treatment...... well that's the measure of the man.

Hope the pearly gates let you through.

Roger Probert left an annotation ()

Town Council not replied yet then? Says it all....Perhaps Mr Guest you do not exist ..which is their usual way of refusing FOIs

Whitehaven Town Council

Dear Mr Guest

Thank you for your freedom of information request which has been logged and validated.

The answers to your questions are as follows:-

1. The medal worn by Councillor O'Kane was the medal with the words "Past Mayor " on it and which was the subject of litigation.

2. There is no Minute authorising Councillor O'Kane to use the Council's "Past Mayor's" medal for the overseas visit.

3. Expenses of £66.68 will appear on a Finance Report to be discussed at full Council on 29th November 2018 and the Council will make a decision on this.

4. Taking the medal overseas did not conflict with any insurance policy relating to civic regalia.

5. The medal remains the property of Whitehaven Town Council.

Yours sincerely

Marlene Jewell
Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer
Whitehaven Town Council

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jayne laine left an annotation ()

well well well ! When it suits Councillor OKane, in the meantime you took nearly 5K off the rightful owner for your own personal gain

Roger Probert left an annotation ()

Town Council 29th November there is an item about O'Kane spending money in America on presents not authorised by the Town Council and asking to be reimbursed!!! There is nothing on the agenda about O'kane taking Town Council property without consent and which by any definition is conversion isn't it? So the Town Clerk admits that O'Kane acted wholly improperly - well unlawfully - but nothing is to be done about such misconduct. Funny that isn't it? Has anything else gone missing?