Climate change adaptation strategy

Tom Cole made this Freedom of Information request to Blackpool Borough Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was successful.

Dear Blackpool Borough Council,

1) Do you have a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and/or Policy (or similar)? If so please attach.

2) Has this document been adopted by Council or Cabinet (or similar), if so, when?

3) Has a Councillor been assigned to champion this Strategy/Policy (or similar), if so, who?

4) Is the strategy/policy (or similar) supported by an action/programme/project plan? If so, please attach.

5) Is this plan delivering on time and to budget?

6) What are those timescales and budget?

7) Are progress reports provided to Cabinet/Council (or similar), if so, please attach.

Yours faithfully,

Tom Cole

Jennifer Cordwell, Blackpool Borough Council

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Cole,

Please find attached letter in response to your recent request for
information under the Freedom of Information Act, as outlined in your
e-mail below.

Kind regards

Jennifer Cordwell

Project Officer

Property & Asset Management

Treasurer Services

Blackpool Council / Blackpool Football Club / Seasiders Way / Blackpool

Tel: 07787005725

Fax: 01253 476190

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